Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ta Da

Alright, Delhi.
So it appears that you do, in fact, posses the ability to unsheathe your stars! I can see circa 20, at the moment. On my roof –

This roof. North Delhi. Close to the campus. Seven of us white university of California students have just heaved all of our baggage and incense and clothing and sweaty bodies over to an apartment one metro stop away from the University. A metro, still in progress, yet hadn’t been this close to being completed merely last year. Shall we consider ourselves lucky? Go.
Metro trains come once every couple minutes. The metro map sprawls all over Delhi – but the south of Delhi is the part that has yet to be completed. Unfortunately, the south of Delhi is where the ‘night life’ is at. Far from campus. Far from us.

Tonight we returned to the Urban Pind club which we visited our first week here. The incentive of the free beers at ‘Ladies Night’ was enough to pull us away from our fresh homely haven of an apartment. It took us two tuk-tuks and a brief metro jaunt in order to make it there. After running our of free beers and our dancing feet, our ride back: a 30 minute motorized rickshaw tumble down the roads and roads and roads and roads… Easier than I thought. Delhi is large, stretched… but able to be navigated! Now that I am getting settled here, I realize that my fingertips can spread to its edges…

Back to our roof, though. Only our apartment has access to this lovely viewpoint. We live on the top floor of a four story green cement building with plants draped across every balcony. In front of us, a park, is splayed with children and power-walking women in saris once the sun drops lower in the sky to relieve us of its brutal heat, so that it can leave us with a less abrasive, yet just as suffocating, heat.

I’ve described Delhi’s stuffy gray sky in previous posts – but today Delhi showed it’s blue. Since returning from Mussoorie, Delhi has lifted its veil, its dusty diaphanous veil, surprising us with its blue tint and white fluff [clouds]. The pollution is still thick and trudges around the outskirts of the sky – but the sky does exist in Delhi. Proof.
This evening as the sun warmed itself behind the milky clouds, drenched in orange and pink, I counted twenty-some kites taking flight off of the surrounding roofs. Kites?! How is this not magic?
Tumbling spilling
But catch!
Before they fall.

Our apartment has a vast living area, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an open kitchen area that is currently barren, but welcoming. The counter space is a dream. Hopefully it shall be used for cooking and serving. Potential for delicacies.

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