Wednesday, June 30, 2010

monsoon taste

Just breeched the one week mark. How have I not been here for longer? I am still wondering when, or even if, it will set in that six months must elapse before I go home.

Just experienced my first taste of monsoon.
The clouds inched in until we were heavily surrounded. Thunder thunder thunder thunder and after it rumbled and threatened us for five minutes or so the water started. Drops heavy and fat bleating from the sky for… not too long. Maybe fifteen minutes or so, then it let up.

I am living in a two bedroom space in our hostel-like housing up here in Mussoorie. The space is meant for four, but we have only three. We crammed all three of our beds into one room, and the last bed is now our couch in our newly developed living room. (It reminded me of arranging furniture in a co-op room, determined to play Tetris until it all fits harmoniously.) Kelly Alyssa and I sat on this couch, at the window, watching the rain pat and the lightning flashes in the sky. Sometimes we saw bolts.

Needless to say this experience sparked a pure and temporary euphoria that lingers…

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